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Back From Lisbon

Postby Gabriella Opaz » Sat Aug 04, 2007 9:38 am

I just wanted to put in a little note of thanks for all of your great suggestions on the forum. We had an absolutely fabulous trip to Portugal and were received very warmly by the Portuguese both in the wine industry and in throughout the city as a whole. I wanted to call special attention to ViniPortugal, located in the main square of Lisbon by the port, who had set up a tasting with over 30 producers for us. After trying such a tasting here in Spain on several occasions, we were astounded at the warm welcome we received by both the organization and the producers. And as no surprise to you, I'm sure, the wines were absolutely incredible. Diverse. Of high quality. And overall, worthy of getting international attention.

It was suggested here on the forum that we go to Chafariz dos Vinhos. It was a great suggestion, and I highly encourage people to visit and explore their wines and tasting menu. Tasting wines in old aqueduct from the 18 century while Ella Fitzgerald voice gently bounced off the cement walls accompanied by the delicious aromas of roasted duck gently floating from their kitchen to our table was a memorable experience at the very least. This great rich ambiance coupled with our first glass of 2001 Murganheira Espumante made the start to our evening amazing.

Rather than having our full dinner here, however, we walked over to a restaurant just up the hill called Sacramento. Although the wine list was a little overpriced, we felt the food was well done, both creative and interesting, served by very knowledgable and friendly waitstaff.

It was also suggested that we go to Garreifa Nactional to buy wine. We had intended to do so, but time ran short. Instead, we were taken to Garrafeira Camp de Ourique by a friend of ours. A small family run wine shop, this place has a great selection for very reasonable prices. It's worth looking into. And, if your interested in having some great food with your wine, head across the street to their cafe where they not only sell artisanal products, but a have a cozy little space in the back where you can pair the wines you just bought with appetizers off their menu.

We will be writing more about this in the coming week, but thanks again for your suggestions. We will hopefully be heading back in November to gather information on Port for a month long feature at Catavino.
Gabriella Opaz
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Gabriella Opaz
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Postby Steven Kooij » Sun Aug 05, 2007 2:59 pm

Good to hear you enjoyed your stay, and looking forward to the full report!
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